The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has called on investors to introduce more buses in

There is a huge deficit and high demand for buses on Kigali roads, yet the number of passengers keep increasing.

This has led to long queues in bus parks and at different bus stops in the city, a situation that worsens during peak hours – early morning when people are commuting to work and late in the evening as they return home

Investors are expected to apply through RURA website and proceed with online services.

It is not the first time Kigali is experiencing a public transport crisis. For some time now, the issue of public transport clouds the media space, and over time, different measures have been suggested but the problem persists.

Emmanuel Katabarwa, the city engineer has said, that the city needs 500 buses more, to put an end to the existing challenge.

Currently, three transport companies; Royal Express, Kigali Bus Service and Jali Transport Limited, which is formerly Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC).

Each company was allocated different city routes which they exclusively service.