Kigali residents have voiced concern over the shortage of public toilets along major roads and comme

Buildings near busy roads prefer to lock their toilets which make them inaccessible for those travelling within the city.

Motorcyclists within the city are seriously affected by this problem. As a result, people end up polluting areas near the roads or making long distances to be able to ease themselves.

“For example, if you have the call of nature when you are at a bus stop or any other busy place, you are obliged to walk a distance seeking a toilet. Such passenger hotspots should be considered in terms of increasing public toilets,” says Diane Iragena, a city resident.

Responding to these complaints, Marie-Solange Muhirwa, Chief of Urban Planning at the City of Kigali said, a plan to construct public toilets in seven locations has started and each location has eight public toilets for both men and women as well as those for people with disabilities.”

She said they will continue mapping out different areas that are points of convergence to ensure they have public toilets. So far, 42 sites have been identified, adding that the exercise is still ongoing.

Places that need public toilets include markets, bus terminals, car free zones and commercial buildings. She disclosed that the city is in talks with all petrol stations to set up public toilets as well.

According to a recent study by the City of Kigali, there is need for 176 public toilets.

By the end of last year, city officials said, 101 public toilets had been available while 11 were still being constructed.