AGRF 2022 Summit Begins in Rwanda with call for bold actions.

The 2022 African Green Revolution Forum (AGF) Summit kicked off in Kigali with a strong call for bold Actions to accelerate efforts to end hunger across the continent especially in times of crises.

Rwanda’s Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente said, Africa needs to take bold measures to address the soaring food prices that are making it difficult for families and communities to meet their own food needs.

The Premier said, to transform African agriculture, African countries need to fully commit to driving a comprehensive agricultural transformation as a key foundation of our economic growth.

He noted that Rwanda continues to invest in several initiatives “These include establishing post-harvest handling facilities to limit food losses and waste. We are also promoting use of smart farming techniques, such as increasing irrigation coverage to mitigate the negative effects of climate change as well as the use of agriculture ICT systems.

Dr. Ngirente said that the 12th summit which opened under the theme “Grow, Nourish, Reward – Bold Actions for Resilient Food Systems” highlights the urgent need to build inclusive, sustainable and resilient food systems in this post-covid period.

He called on the continent to invest more money, among other things in important sectors that can actually change the industry such as “increasing investment in strategic areas of agricultural value chain such as reduction of post-harvest losses, which are estimated between 30% and 40% of total production in developing countries, use of fertilizers and improved seeds, adoption of smart agriculture as well de-risking the sector will build resilient and sustainable food security”.

He pointed out that “for this to be achieved, there is need to build strong partnership between the public and private sector for diversified investments that broadly impact agriculture production”.

Furthermore, the Board Chairman of AGRA, Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Dessalegn also insisted that, “A food systems transformation is key to economic transformation, anything short of this implies that Africa is likely to be the only hungry continent by 2030.”

He said “Food systems transformation is related to agriculture, health, nutrition, education, trade, and industrialization.

According to Desalegn “We are in a time when we need urgent action because every minute we don't take action, at least an adult, two children and two women fall below the poverty line due to hunger and malnutrition.”

The President of AGRA, Dr. Agnes Kalibata noted that, "the AGRF2022 is an opportunity for Africa to start charting a pathway towards coming out of the ongoing crises.”

The forum has brought together obout 2600 delegates including political leaders, financiers, policy makers, private sector representatives, academics, entrepreneurs and several Ministers of Agriculture from the African Continent who will explore actions needed to accelerate strategies towards resilient food systems.

This summit is organized by the AGRF secretariat and it is taking place at the Kigali Convention Center.